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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the status of the homeowners association [HOA]?

    The HOA currently operates under the original charter and bylaws filed with the Texas Secretary of State by the developer of the subdivision and is active in its capacity as custodian of the common areas as outlined in the plat filed with Denton County. For more information, please see the individual documents or contact the officers.

  • Who do I contact for questions regarding the HOA?

    The current officers of the HOA as elected or appointed in 2021 are:  Mike Breslin President & Director--  Shannon Stafford, Vice President & Director -- Marilyn Neal, Secretary, -- Don Ambrose, Treasurer

  • Where do I send my dues?

    The HOA sends out statements Semi-Annually.    Semi-annual dues are currently $ 300.00 per Property.   All dues are payable to:

    Butterfield Junction Homeowners' Association, P.O. Box 783, Pilot Point, TX 76258


  • Who is responsible for the roads?

    On August 11, 2009, Denton County Commissioners Court unanimously approved a Motion made by County Commissioner Hugh Coleman [at the time] to have Denton County accept the roads within Butterfield Junction Subdivision for County Maintenance.

    The Motion did not include maintenance of drainage easements or street lights, which are still the responsibility of the Property Owners.

  • Who is responsible for the street lights?

    The street lights within Butterfield Junction are owned by the Property Owners of Butterfield Junction.  Accordingly, street light repairs and utility bills for the street lights are paid by the Property Owners of Butterfield Junction.

    ** Please contact a member of the lighting committee for questions or problems with the lights.

  • What is the situation regarding the mowing and landscaping of the common areas?

    The HOA currently provides for the mowing of common areas and right of ways, with funds collected from property owners. As the funds are limited, the HOA relies upon the good will of property owners to mow in front of their own property when possible to minimize the expense.

  • Am I required to mow?

    Property owners have an obligation to maintain the area in front of their lots. This obligation is described in section 4 of the Deed Restrictions.

  • Is it legal to burn refuse and trash?

    Though it is legal in some situations to burn in Denton county outside the city limits, during dry periods, the county will have a burn ban in effect. Please visit the Denton county website to read about regulations, procedures and current bans.

  • Why do I have to have plans approved by the BACC?

    The Building & Architectural Control Committee is responsible for plan approval of any structure subsequent to Butterfield Junction's Declaration of Covenants, filed for record in Denton County, Texas.  Prior to construction of any structure on a Property within Butterfield Junction, plans must be submitted to, and approved by, Butterfield Junction's Building & Architectural Committee.

  • Who do I contact to have plans approved?

    Plans should be submitted to Butterfield Junction Homeowners' Association Building & Architectural Control Committee Chairman:

    Mrs Jean Adas
    Architectural Control Committee Chairman

  • How long is the approval process?

    Disposition of requests for approval of plans is processed in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and normally takes no longer than two weeks.

  • Who do I contact for a development permit?

    You should contact the Denton County Office of Planning and Development for information about the development of a lot.

  • Do school buses serve the subdivision?

    Yes, school buses for the Pilot Point ISD serve the residents of Butterfield Junction. To schedule a regular pickup, call the bus barn at 940 206 8819 or visit the district website at

  • Who do I contact for phone service?

    Telephone service is provided by one of two companies, Frontier, and SBC,, depending upon your location within the subdivision. A call to either of these providers should get you on the right track.

  • Who do I contact for electric service?

    Electric infrastructure are provided by Texas New Mexico Power, They will guide you through the process of connecting the service and choosing an electric service provider.

  • Who do I contact for water service?

    Water service is provided by Mustang Special Utility District,

  • Who do I contact for garbage service?

    Garbage pickup service is provided by IESI,, which provides pickup on Monday morning.

  • Who can I contact for internet service or wireless broadband?

    Many property owners currently get service from either Speed of Light Broadband or SmartBurst. There have been many problems with connectivity, so we recommend having the signal strength thoroughly tested before initiating service.

  • What school district are we in?

    Butterfield Junction is served by the Pilot Point Independent School District.

  • What can I do to volunteer or otherwise improve the community?

    We ask that all Property Owners attend the HOA Meetings, and periodically visit this Community Website.  The HOA Meetings will not only give an opportunity to meet your neighbors, but also the opportunity to volunteer to help the Community. 

  • Are there any guidelines concerning pets?

    Beyond the information contained in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the HOA asks only that property owners exercise a reasonable diligence in keeping animals contained. While Butterfield Junction is out in the country, many are sensitive to animals roaming freely through the subdivision. Concerns for horses, children and other small pets have been cited as reasons for the sensitivity.

  • Can I access the Greenbelt or State Park from the subdivision?

    Currently the Army Corps of Engineers does not allow access to the land under it's authority from Butterfield Junction. If you find such an access on a property adjacent to the park, you should enter at your own risk, as the HOA in no way sanctions or encourages such entry points. You can contact the The United States Army Corps of Engineers at for more information.