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Butterfield Junction Homeowners Association

Butterfield Junction Homeowners Association is registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

Consistent with the bylaws of the corporation, Butterfield Junction property owners elected Homeowner Association Directors and also appointed volunteer members to the Building & Architectural Control Committee (BACC). Each of these persons has expressed an interest and willingness to represent the association and to manage the common interests of the property owners.

For your convenience, contact information for each of these individuals is included below. These are the officially recognized directors, BACC, and identified volunteers to whom all business of the community should be directed.

Homeowners Association Directors
Mike Breslin, President
Shannon Stafford, Vice President  
Sue Pohlen, Secretary  
Don Ambrose, Treasurer  
Building & Architectural Control Committee
Jean Adas, Chairman
Lighting Committee
Allen McCracken, Chairman
Bob Adas
Jann Breslin